How to Winterize your RV

The winter months have arrived once again, and with them comes the colder temperatures that make winterizing your RV a must. It may feel like a lot to do, but RV winterizing is key to keeping your RV clean, protected, and secure during those long months in storage.

If you and your family are among those who take the season of winter to be time off from taking part in RVing, be sure to get that vehicle winterized as soon as possible!

To winterize your RV, you’ll want to follow some basic steps. These involve thoroughly cleaning out the interior and exterior of your recreational vehicle and securely sealing up any openings to prevent bugs and critters from crawling in.

You’ll also want to drain your fresh water tank, hot water tank, and black and gray tanks of water – as well as your shower, toilet, sinks, and any other appliances like a dishwasher or washing machine. After this, bypassing the RV’s water heater and then pumping non-toxic anti-freeze through your tanks and water lines will help to keep the system from freezing over in low temperatures!

Other things you can do to get your RV ready for the winter off-season include lubricating your locks and hinges, and charging your RV’s battery.

And should you ever need any help with winterizing your RV, the service techs here at Dennis Dillon are happy to help!

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Winterize your RV the right way, by coming to us at DDRV!