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Advantages of a Personal Aircraft

There are reasons why people want their own aircraft despite of having options to have fractional ownership, jet card, and jet charter. Every time these individuals travel by air, they want it to be on the same aircraft. In the same manner as a personal aircraft is luxurious, so does having your personal flight crews and maintenance mechanics. Another factor is you flights are more economical.

After buying an aircraft you will see that you have fixed costs for: maintenance, crew expenses, hangar fees, insurance, property taxes, and interest expense. Regardless of how long you have traveled each year those fees are pretty much the same. The only fee that varies is the operational fee that includes the fuel cost and the maintenance for going beyond the recommended travel hours. Personal aircraft flights are still cheaper than the expenses incurred with a chartered aircraft flight.

Overhead expenses are balanced out by the savings from personal aircraft flights because it is cheaper. You do not have to fly a certain number of hours in your own aircraft to know that it is cost-effective. Flying more times with a personal aircraft is the best decision to be more economical with travel.
A customer’s personal preferences in traveling on air are considerations companies want to know. The aircraft’s luggage capacity, passenger capacity, destination, number of flight hours, and cabin size are discussed. Destinations will then dictate the aircraft’s routes, costs, and flight times, and you have to share those with the company. Companies can then present you aircraft models meeting those specifications. The estimated operating and capital budget of an aircraft will be shown afterwards. Heavy, midsize, and light are classifications of an aircraft. If what you want is outside those categories there are other options that can offer what you need.

After determining the aircraft model that meets your specifications, know how much it costs on the market. An aircraft’s latest closed sale and current listings will be the basis for the purchase price. After that, you can wait for the right time to get the best price by negotiating.

Management companies are there to place your aircraft on a charter certificate if you want such a thing. A charter certificate helps in mitigating your operational cost. The public will then be informed that your plane is up for chartered flights by the management company. Your aircraft’s ownership costs can be alleviated if you gain chartered flights’ profits each year.

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